Body Wraps

Our signature body wrap is given by one our Bath Attendants.  First the client is to strip nude.

The Bath Attendant will then apply a mineral rich lotion to entire body.  Afterwards the attendant will wrap the body and the limbs in clear plasic wrap.  You will then be layed face up on the table and secured to the table.

You will remain immobilized for 30mins while the wrap nurtures your skin and slims inches off your waistline.  This is effective for both men and women.

Afterwards your bath attendant will release you and bathe you with warm soapy water.

This process is deeply renewing and refreshing.


The cost for this service is  $99 in-call only.

Cash and Credit Cards accepted.

1235 W Belmont Ave, Chicago IL 60657.

This service is available for instant booking, we have availability.

       Till 4am